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problems with downloading speed


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there is info on this website that i cant find at the moment relating to utorrent about going into administrator tools and then services and enabling i think ssdp or upnp or something else as i cant remember of the top of my head that helps to turn a crappy speed into fast speed for downloading because i done it before but now i have upgraded to windows 7 professional i am stuck with like under 24kbs average and last nite i maxed out at 1mb only for 1 torrent :S..already allowed all types of protocols threw bittorrent only, didnt need to setup port forwarding as i didnt previously and i also got around 500kbs average for each torrent for starting of a download and max was 1mb or greater for some torrents :). so if anyone would be great as i think some one on here will have looked at the form relating to this :D . many thanks

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