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its urgent can any one help me pls


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i am using utorrent 1.8.3 it is downloading torrent files but only for 25 to 30 min then my computer shows that internet is disconnected i have checked downloading on dap and internet exploer 8 it is downloading non stop

no problem there on surfing also no problem but when downloading on utorrent it stops downloading after 25 to 30

i have to turn of my swtich of hub and then turn on the switch after 1 min then again the same thing afer utorrent starts downloading it will download till 30min after that my net is disconnected but when i download and surf no problems are comming on orther software while downloading pl help me i cant understand why is this problem happening in utorrent only

system spec

intel 3.20ghz ht proc

i gb of ram ddr2

vista sp2

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