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Why does utorrent make my internet connection slow?


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Yeah. It works. But the download speed of my torrents became much slower. :(

Is there a way to make them much faster without making the internet connection slow?

edit: So i just read the setup guide.. I testes my upload speed and my upload speed is, 94.40kbps. It says that select the one which is closest to it.. so I chose xx/96k. Is the one I selected correct? because it's TOO low. I already tried xx/384k and it doesnt ruin my internet browsing speed.. (I guess).

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xx/384k sets uTorrent's max upload speed to 35 KiloBYTES/second.

Does it actually upload that fast?

If so, is it only briefly or can it sustain that speed for at least a minute?

(I'm assuming you have at least 3 peers to upload to and not an overwhelming number of seeds.)

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