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VLC preview playing wrong file?


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wondering if anyone can help with a preview problem im having.

when downloading torrents, say 20 or so wmv or avi files, i want to preview them before they arrive. when i open the directory they are downloading in and preview the files with VLC player, instead of playing the partially downloaded file, instead it plays either chapters or menu loops of dvds i have ripped and reauthored with either dvd shrink or dvd decrypter. happens also if i preview the files with windows media player. its not every file, some time it will play the correct partially downloaded file, but other times, im seeing snipets of movies ive ripped with other programs.

i dont know where its picking these partial movie fragments up from as im fairly sure i have deleted the temp rip directories i made when ripping the dvds.

is VLC player picking up some sort of temp cache directory instead somehow ?

the properties on the file indicate its pointing to the correct file, but instead getting snipets of old non related footage from other programs and other files.

any thoughts and help would be appreciated.

occasionally i do begin to see snippets of the correct file towards the end of the download when ive got a large percentage done.

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