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Need help in Setting up !!!


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I need ur help in setting up my upload,download ,global connections limit etc ...as i have set up utorrent and not sure how to set this up i use a very slow connection i did undergo speed test and the result is:

Download :: 67 Kbps or 0.07 Mbps (8 kB/s)

Upload :: 47 Kbps or 0 Mbps (6 kB/s)

So tell me the appropriate settings according to this speed....

Hope to hear from you.....

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Upload speed limit: 2-4 KB/sec (your choice on that)

alternate upload limit (while only seeding): as high as 6 KB/sec if you want, but will probably cause lag!

upload slots = 1!

Global max connections = 10

Max connections per torrent = 10

under Queueing, limit both active and downloading torrents to 1 at a time.

Disable DHT, LPD, Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window for menu to disable that)

under preferences, advanced:

bt.connect_speed = 1

leave net.max_halfopen = 8 ...or lower it to 1-4 if you get incoming connections really fast.

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Thanks for the reply...but my speed went incredibly down wen i followed ur instructions its was like 3kb/sec wen i left it automatic or '0' and now with ur instructed set up its like 0.3kb/s the green garph is always on ground level not even rising a bit ...shouldnt u think global maximum connections be increased.....should i disable protocol encryption..plz help me cuz i had a fair set up wiht my previous utorrent set up...i had to format my hard driv e for some reason and relaod windows then wen i downloaded u torrent.....i forgot my last set up..and now i am being messed up.....ok let me tell u if i download something from magnetc link i mean not using u torrent the download speed is like 8kb/s.....

Just clueless mate do help me... :)

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Ok, try raising both:

Global max connections = 20

Max connections per torrent = 20

If you don't get your download speed back doing that, your problem is not related to uTorrent's connection max.

Have outgoing encryption Enabled, but allow legacy incoming connections.

Have you done any GOOGLE searches to see if others on the same ISP has BitTorrent problems?

(Your ISP may be hostile to BitTorrent traffic!)

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