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Customizing the dropping down list of Saved As 'new' torrent


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After being in the irc server for 30 minutes and no one came up with solution because of being inactive n**ds I've decided to open a new thread:

Here's the screen showing what I'm talking about:


You can clearly see the dropped down menu and that there are only 16 rows in it. Is it possible to make it somehow bigger like the Labels submenu (dropping list) because it's awful and slowing to click on those 3 dots and try to find out the folder you are looking for. I mean when there are to say 20 folders used for downloading and sorting would be great to have it in this dropping list, not only those that have been recently used/modified.

I hope you understand the urgency of that problem. It ain't giving you the speed that's supposed to give.

P.S. If it's impossible with the current version could you add this as opportunity in v.2. If that dropping menu becomes "overcrowded" it's always easy to clean the personal data. What would you say ?


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After being in the irc server for 30 minutes and no one came up with solution because of being inactive n**ds
[07:23:55] <Narcot1c> Damn that, I'll post it again and if no one answers would go. I know no one cares but anyway :)

[07:24:00] <Narcot1c> allright. It's all about customization - is it possible when for example saving a newly downloaded torrent the "save as" dropping down menu to be customized to fit more rows because I've many folders - Local trackers, Ebooks, ScT, FTN and so on and so on, and about the dropping down list - it fits only 16 rows that are highly unacceptable. Anyone with ideas ?

[07:28:30] <Narcot1c> Ultima: is that possible to be done ? I mean if needed to upload a screenshot showing what exactly I'm talking bout ?

[07:33:35] <&Ultima> no

[07:34:32] <&Ultima> not possible. at any rate, gotta run

[07:34:38] * Disconnected

Funny, it definitely looks like you got your answer within 10 minutes, not the 30 silent minutes you claim to have experienced. "Not possible" means "there is no solution" (yes, I did know what you were talking about despite not taking up your screenshot offer). Who were those inactive nerds, again?

And no, chances are unlikely an option to set the list size will be implemented because these types of requests historically haven't been touched -- options like these are niche features, which we tend to shy away from. Doesn't mean it's a definite no, but don't get your hopes up. At best, the amount of history stored can probably be easily increased by the devs. An option might simply be overkill.

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You don't say dude... When u have logged in I was already there so don't tell me how long I've waited for response.

I understand that it's impossible to change and thank you for your in-irc answer (that I've read after opening this thread), that's why don't talk to me like that. I'm not your friend !


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