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Question About Queuing


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Hello all. I turn to the forum once again for advice.

I've set uTorrent to download only 1 torrent at once, and I have instructed the RSS Downloader to pick certain daily torrent from a certain site. Such torrents will take only a couple of hours to download. Along with these daily torrents, I have a "long-term" torrent, that I know will take a couple of weeks to download, so I need to give priority to the daily ones.

Is there a way to set uTorrent to automatically bump the "long-term" torrent at the end of the queue, as soon the RSS Downloader adds the daily ones? This way all I have to do is turn on the computer in the early morning, and when I come back from work in the afternoon all the daily torrents will have completed one by one, and being the only one left, the long term torrent will be downloading.

The way it works now, I have to wait for the computer to boot, then manually "Move Down Queue" the long term torrent each morning. It's kinda ok, but in the morning I'm usually in a rush and I'd like to be able to just turn the computer on and hurry off to catch the bus :D

Hope it makes sense! Tankies :)

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