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help most files i cant open the containment folder


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he guys

i have been using utorrent since the beginning of my torrent work :P

anyhow i recently switched from xp 32 bit to vista 32 bit then to vista 64 bit en then to windows 7 64 bit (works great BTW)

and in all windows versions i could take my files folder with me the root file i mean

accept from 32bit os to 64 bit os it did not work the backup

so i added all the torrents again 290 +

works fine could open the containment folder when the file was added no problem


i re added everything in my windows 7 and seeds/downloads fine

but most of the torrent redirect to my my user files but when i click the file self

it plays the movie or iso or anything thats in it

is this a windows 7 bug or ?? whut :)

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