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uTorrent cleared my lists


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alright so new to the forums, so sorry if i mess something up, i.e search wise maybe i missed something, but i have been a utorrent user for many years.

just last night, my windows froze, so i hit the reset button and when loading up utorrent i noticed that ALL my lists were gone. Whether it was completed, downloaded and what not. i know that the torrent files are in the application data folder, but if i add them they just start downloading, or stuck in force recheck. Some start redownloading even though they are completed because i changed the path of where they are saved once one of my HDD almost got full.

so my question is, how can i get my list back of completed and what not. i would prefer it back mainly because its easier to browse the list when i am looking for a file.

thank you in advance for anyone that can help.

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