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Preferences->Move Completed Downloads To overrides RSS folder settings


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Hi there,

This is a behaviour I just noticed. I have several RSS favorites, each going to an appropriate folder for archival purposes. At some point later, I checked the box in the General Preferences to Move Completed Downloads To a specified folder.

After this point, all of my RSS downloaded files go to the folder specified under the Move Completed Downloads To option. As this is a global setting, I can understand the confusion, but it strikes me as more logical to have the individualized RSS Favorites go to their specified folders, as in the instance option supersedes the global option (like per-torrent Seed percentage).

Any input? Seems an easy fix.

I am using uTorrent 1.4 Build 402.



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Yeah, but it doesn't make much sense, IMO. It's not logic someone will want to choose the RSS downloaded files in a separate place until it finishes downloading, and then to the place it would go had we seen nothing. The point of RSS downloading is to get the download started when we're not there and, hopefully, when we are, it'll be done. So all one really cares is where it ends up. IMO, Save in should replace "Move finished dowloads to", instead of "Save unfinished downloads in".

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