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Download speed limiting at 750kB/s. Why?


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I've got Comcast cable internet, no firewall, no router, just the modem and my PC WinXP SP2. Sometimes a torrent will get up to 1.0Mb or 1.5Mb then the speed slows down to around 750 and stays there. It will slow multiple amounts of torrents down and make their speeds add up to around 750. It's really pissing me off. I called comcast and they say my connection is good and that they dont cap bandwidths for torrents (which I dont' believe). What am I missing?

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Is it doing something like this?:


...This is ComCast's Speedboost in action, on the UPLOAD side.

Same thing, larger scale showing multiple bursts:


Different scale, different time:


Fact is, you're probably paying for a 6 megabit/sec download line...that sometimes bursts to ~13 megabit/sec...but will only sustain close to 6 megabit/sec.

"In Korea, I had ADSL, and could get up to 3.0Mb per minute."

3 mega-WHAT per minute?

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I've even had Comcast come out to my house and test my bandwidth and they said there's nothing wrong with my connection. The tech probably has no clue that comcast caps torrent programs.

These torrents should be coming faster, and comcast is just capping my bandwidth. It's the only explanation.

I might have used the wrong acronym, let me spell it out (I'm not too good with these)..

In Korea, about 6 months ago, I could download torrents just as fast as seeders could get them to me. I saw speeds up to 3.0MB (mega bytes, or 3,000,000 bytes) per second. They never capped anything and I paid about $40 US dollars monthly for the service. I didn't think anything of it. Now that I'm back to the states, let's just say it's different over here. Sucky.

But to answer your question, my torrents don't really look like the links you are showing. If I started downloading an extremely popular torrent right now, it would slowly inch its way up to about 1.5MB/sec, then realize how fast it's going and go right down to 750KB/sec. It's really aggravating, all components in the network will support it, they just won't allow it.

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That's speedboost in action, but probably not your sustainable speed!

Try downloading a very large file (over 100 MB) from a HTTP website. If the download speed drops below ~900 KiloBYTES/second, chances are they provisioned your line at their (default) lowest speed tier.

The fact the upload in your speed test wasn't even 1.5 mbit/sec suggests you don't have even the 8/2 speed tier.

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