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File-type Icons for Windows (Please, very simple request)


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This feature is very aesthetic I know.

Currently utorrent in this day and age does not have any document file icon (also called mime type icons). I am currently using a custom file icon via manually associating it with utorrent through Windows but thought that it would be nice if utorrent had it's own docuemtn file-type icon "out of the box". This is the lovely one I'm currently using:



Technically File Association is easy through Windows especially with using reg script like nsis.

Another small thing is: if you (developer/s) would also consider adding a 256x256 high res icon into your builds of the utorrent executable for stronger visual display under Vista & Win 7.


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Bloating the executable file size by ~100% isn't worth it just for a 256x256 icon that can be customized anyhow. Executable file size may not be top priority, but watching it is still very much deeply entrenched in µTorrent philosophy/tradition/history (kinda); to make such a huge jump purely for one additional icon (IMO) isn't really all that justifiable.

As for an OOB filetype icon, I tend to agree, as it can become confusing to distinguish a .torrent file from utorrent.exe if one stores the executable with settings.dat. At any rate, it doesn't really require a Registry edit to customize the filetype icon -- place the desired icon in the settings.dat directory as maindoc.ico and reassociate .torrent files with µTorrent from Preferences > General.

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1. OK I understand now about the 256x256 size hump in the utorrent.exe goals/philosophy thing.

2. Yes settings.dat directory. BUT that still doesn't answer my question as into whether you guys can add this filetype icon natively, for all users? You could add it into the settings.dat directory as a separate .ico as default without manual Windows associating. You have to consider users of software who install on multiple computers. It's so easy when apps just have the in-built associator that assigns their own identifiable icons (no unnecessary manual associating or anything like that). Or what about embedding the icon inside the settings.dat?

In regards to size, I have myself have recently made a file-type icon for a private project using Axialis IconWorkshop. I included all the sizes in this single icon ico which were 256x,64x,48x,32x,16x - and the resulting size of this single ico only 52kb - so with exe compression that you would use on utorrent before compiling that's probably an extra 30kb - would that be too big in size.

I could try to knock up a utorrent doc icon with minimal size if you like?

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