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Error 'offline (timed out)' while downloading URL.


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i've been using uTorrent for several months now with no problems, but all of a sudden i get the aforementioned error when attempting to add ANY torrent from a url.

i'm running xp with sp3. the issue began around the time i ran the most recent windows update.

so far i've:

- uninstalled all recent windows updates.

- tried disabling DHT

- tried disabling UPnP and NAT-PMP

- tried disabling uTP

- pactched TCPIP.sys (using util from lvllord)

- turned off windows firewall

- removed and re-added uTorrent in firewall exception list

- rebooted computer and modem (modem and router in one) several times


- i have NO anti-virus software installed at all, except anything that's installed along with windows update

- the single 8.20GB torrent listed in my client seems to resume with no problem (no red icon), however it's been VERY slow since the beginning, with a 10k dl speed and 1 week ETA, so it's difficult to measure progress.

any help with this is appreciated, as i can't fathom switching to another client having used the best. ;)

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hi, i was just about to edit my post and mention that i tried downloading the open office torrent and it started with no problem.

it's probably the pirate bay as i'm unable to download the actual torrent file to my hard drive. internet explorer is telling me that a connection with the server could not be established, so perhaps the problem had nothing to do with those windows updates or any other non-server-related culprits after all...

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