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Utorrent slows down my computer.


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So as the thread says my computer becomes very slow and unstable when I am using utorrent. I have checked the utorrent process and it showes around 2-10% cpu. The problem is only when i start downloading something not when all torrent files are stopped. Can it be something with the Harddrive? Please help this didn´t happen earlier with the same computer running win 7.

Sys spec:

Win 7 RTM x64

500 GB W&D 7200RPM

AMD x2 6400+ 3,1GHz

MSI k9N Sli (with new chipset drivers installed)


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I have tried all that but the problem still remains. It´s strange that around 50% is being used of the CPU when I can´t se which process that is using it. Even the mouse is lagging like hell when the download starts. I have googled a little and found people with the same problem but no solution that worked in my case.

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