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Version beta (build 19773)


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some ideas:

move torrent to a folder before imported in µtorrent

move files to another folder but keeping an alias on curent download torrent folde........

butr what is very nice, it's that at each µtorrent release it's works better and with less cpu usage ( now I've 4 times mores torrents)

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thanx you all for this new version. by using µtorrent for my downloads you have help me so much for my research and school works.

i just got this version, so i still need to go through it. but i do agree with other members about the graphics and details. no much of a contrast, like a weak look to it: unfinished.

i have a brand new MAC w/snow leo os, and so far this version is working fine.



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Having happily used uTorrent for the Mac for awhile, I was pleased by the update. The tabs look a little scrunched, but that can be easily fixed by a skilled interaction designer. I would prefer to have more control on the face of the client, rather than in the Preferences. But the additional information and its presentation are very cool. The power demand is nil and the progress of a torrent easily visualized. Thanks for a good and useful update. No bugs so far.

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i just made an account to tell the developers how much i dislike the new interface!

it's looking like an ugly windows application! the progress bar, the new icons, the tabs and the menu under the tabs are soooo ugly, please, change it back to the way it was!

i really like the utorrent for the lightweight vision of it, and because it lookED good, but now it's just super ugly and i'm thinking to download another bittorent client... please, change the UI back to what it was (which looked insanely beautiful and simple!)

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I am using utorrent version for Mac on an Intel Core2 Duo w/ 10.6.3. I am currently experiencing issues where utorrent is not respecting upload speed limits.

Even though I've set the speed limit to 5kb in this example, the torrent takes all of my upload bandwitdh.


This next screenshot shows the torrent upload speed as well as the bw usage reported by istats. I've read some of the posts about over heads and things like that but this is just way out of proportion for it to be that. Also, those are mostly for Windows machines. Has anyone experienced this problem and know how to fix it? Thanks.


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Yes, I am also experiencing uploads that are taking a large amount of bandwidth, on a PPC Mac (Quicksilver 867). This morning I noticed the upload speeds at 320K, when I have the upload speed set to 10K.

The only workarounds I have tried (with small success) is to stop and restart uTorrent or stop the individual torrent(s) that is(are) using a lot of bandwidth. This slows the uploading torrent for a time, but after a while it is back to using large amounts of bandwidth.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I agree that the previous version was a much nicer user interface that made tracking a torrents progress easier.

Why is the mac version missing so many of the useful features that the windows version has.

Windows has an options menu that has an auto shutdown feature that is nice, which will shut the computer, utorrent or hibernate along with many other variantions.

Why no pop up like in the windows versions that allows one to select individuals files from a large multi-file torrent. It seems like utorrent is putting more of it's time into the pc versions.

Love the application just asking for some parity.

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"It seems like utorrent is putting more of it's time into the pc versions"

It seems only logical : Macs are like, 8% of the whole personal computer world. But WE have the better gear, so we can wait for a better version of UT, right?

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well i finally installed the update even though several sites i use haven't approved this version yet and i must say i am impressed!!!

I love the new look and it works perfectly!!!!

Keep up the good work and thank you for giving us a great client for macs - looking forward to what improvements you are working on next :)

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Share on other sites out. Barring any problems, this will be re-released as 1.0 stable at the end of the week.

This release adds the ability to create torrents, fixes the shutdown canceling bug, and prevents files from getting duplicated to your local disk whenever your external drive gets disconnected.

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I have exactly same problem as Unctuous!

Any suggestions?

EDIT: I uninstalled utorrent with cleanapp, restarted and installed utorrent again and now it is working with exact same configuration as before.

I think something went wrong as i did not update it by application itself and just downloaded utorrent and replaced it with the one in application folder.

EDIT2: Now it is doing so again.


back to 09.3.10

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MacOSX 10.6.3 (kernel in x64 mode)

1. This version ( does not load data from some trackers (example: BS). State of downloads is "Scrape OK".

Other trackers is OK.

2. Dialog "New torrent" does not close after the file was created.

Back to

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I can reproduce the problem swede4200 and unctuous are talking about.

Bug description : Directories for new torrents aren't created on external disks

Type : regression

Steps to reproduce :

1. Set your downloads folder to a folder on an external disk

2. Launch this torrent

3. Wait until uTorrent tries to write to the disk

Expected behaviour : uTorrent creates the folder containing the wallpapers on the disk

Actual behaviour : After downloading for a couple of seconds, uTorrent displays "Error : no such file or directory" and stops the download

Workarounds : set the downloads folder to a folder on your boot partition.

Comments : This does not happen when downloading a torrent that contains just one file - there must be a folder contained to reproduce this bug.

So, anyone know where I can get ?



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