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Version beta (build 19773)


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I have some suggestions to add, please do consider these for the feature releases since some of these are the very reason why uTorrent is above the other clients when it comes to the PC version.

- When pressing "Remove All Files" all files should be deleted, including the files the client choses to change name to FILE_NAME.torrent.imported ... (I really don't understand why it changes the file names in the first place with the adding of "imported")

- Pop-up menu upon adding new torrent so one can chose different location for the download, having everything in the same folder gets pretty overwhelming, as it stands now, there is no way to organize the actual files and folders.

A nice feature would be;

Having a category on the left hand side, just in between all the standards in "torrents" and the "Labels", something like "Tracker" and this would allow one to categorize different torrent's from all the different trackers.

Thank you for the effort of making this client better with each update.


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17496 doesn't even start in my case. When I try to open it, it logs out and logs in back the whole system. Or at least that's what I think.

Certain is that my screen turns blue for a couple of seconds, then gets back to the desktop with all the apps and everything closed.

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The same one as lutzy93 wrote ( 17496 version ), but not every 5 but every hour. I had it before in early alphas when moving from 0.9.2 to 0.9.3. It was fixed my re-adding all torret files again with killing resume.dat before that. I made it this time but it did not help. I have ~380 torrents ~4Tb. Settings of speed are all Unlimited. I could report log file of uTorrent if it helps.

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Working fine, thanks!

Some toughts on the UI though, from my personal perspective:

I'm not quite liking the active/inactive/start icons... not quite simple enough for my liking.

Upon selecting a torrent that's uploading I find it real hard to see the green arrow, since the green and blue colors don't contrast each other that well!

As someone else commented on, I find the white background maybe a bit hard and sharp for the eyes, while the green progress-bar is a little too week in it's color.

Other than that, great improvement!



Oh and yeah, almost forgot! I'm getting error message each time I shut the computer off, and uTorrent is running, saying that uTorrent interrupted the shutdown..

And still anticipating a release with Growl-support! :)

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Quick UI issues in this build:

1) the color of the "active/downloading torrent" blue arrow is the same as the highlight color so it disappears when you click on the torrent. Make it a tad lighter/darker.

2) The space between the arrows/checkmarks and the left border in the "Name" is too big. Those arrows should be closer to the left border.

3) You cannot "shrink" the width of the fields beyond a certain point. For example, Ratio column is very wide but you can't adjust its width and shrink it.

Let me know if you need screenshots of this to make it even clearer.

However, there's a 100% usage bug in this build :( After about 20 min of seeding, µTorrent's CPU usage was over 100% :( The 0.9.2 branch has no such issues and I have been running it for days on end without restarting.

Let me know if I can help!

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