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Version beta (build 19773)


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Thank you for the new alpha! 17898 still crashing within several seconds (more rapidly than previous one alpha). I am moving back to 17226. It seems problem is in some fix of memory leeks that was made in next release after 17226.

Thank you for effort!

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17898 does not crash on my Intel Imac (OS 10.5.8) and it seems OK, still I'm back to 17226.

Why? Because I have a higher upload speed with 17226 than with any versions that came after it. The gain is about 20% which is huge imo.

ANYWAY thank you for giving us an alt. to the super-lame Transmission :-)

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Thank you for the new release.

But the problem with incorrect upload/download speeds is still here. Please, look at the picture.


The program shows upload speed as 3.7 kB/s. But this number should be multiplied by 10. It must be 37 kB/s. And this bug is not only in the bottom bar, but is in the file list too.

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Thanks for your effort, but the new alpha build 17898 is crashing in a few minutes. I found that the previous two builds were stable as long as I ran less than 5 torrents at once. I also found that I could significantly increase upload speeds by manually setting upload slots between 20-40 depending on swarm. I would often see upload speeds more than triple by setting this function.

Sadly I cannot figure out how to downgrade the alpha version so I am back on 0.9.2 which is good, but not as fast.

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I am really really digging the 0.9.3 Alpha. This is now feature set wise, a step past Transmission) and is at least as stable for me.

Is there a place we can post specific (and repeatable) bugs that we have found? I don't really want to just whine about how it is not the same as X. or needs this feature or that feature, but if the developers want spcific info about bugs on the Mac Alpha, I found a reproducible one (When the file names have question marks in them uTorrent won't open them) OS X 10.5.8 and latest 0.9.3 uTorrent alpha.

Additional found bug: Any punctuation causes that torrent file not to load. Hwat is interesting is that the copy of the torrent file that uTorrent uses does have the puncutation in it.

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The program sorta hangs for me... I can still click around and open menus and stuff, but after about 10 seconds my download rate and upload rate freezes. Like the UI is still working but the guts to the program crashed. Also, once the program hangs in this fashion it will let me apple quit it, however it never really quits. I have to force quit it.

-Snow Leopard

Oh, and thanks for making a mac version! I used to use transmission but it never worked right on my mac.

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uTorrent 0.9.3 (build 17898) self-quits.

Thus, in the console displays this message:

24.01.10 22:12:45 uTorrent[1661] **** Posting Msg: BitTorrent_TorrentFileAdded ****

24.01.10 22:12:45 uTorrent[1661] *** _networkReachabilityChangedCallback got flags: -r-----

24.01.10 22:12:45 uTorrent[1661] networkReachabilityDidChange: NSConcreteNotification 0x15110bd0 {name = BitTorrentNetworkReachabilityDidChangeNotification; object = 1}

24.01.10 22:45:55 uTorrent[1661] **** Posting Msg: BitTorrent_TorrentFileAdded ****

24.01.10 22:46:25 com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[103] ([0x0-0xfa0fa].com.bittorrent.uTorrent[1661]) Exited with exit code: 1

We have to run it about every hour.

In previous builds this was not observed!


Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 ГГц

Mac OS 10.6.2 Snow Leopard (kernel status - 32-bit)

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