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Version beta (build 19773)


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I've been getting a lot of 100% CPU usage with the new build (18468). It occurs when I am downloading and also while just seeding. It happens intermittently, and then the CPU usage will go back down to normal levels, even when I've changed nothing within the app (the torrent didn't finish downloading, etc.)

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Can you provide some samples when this happens?

Can you remind me how to do this? I have read it before but don't remember. Thanks.

I just switched over to utorrenet, I really like it so far. I have the latest version, but I do not have the option to create a torrent. Has this not been added to this version yet?

Torrent creation is not supported but the devs have stated that feature parity with the Windows version is the goal, so it's coming. I personally just want a version that isn't "beta" so all the private trackers will whitelist it.

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I using latest version (18641) and I noticed a bug in "Files":



As you can see on first image it shows everything incorrectly: size, done, %, First, #, pieces are incorrect.

On second it's how it must be correctly.

All I did is changed listing from "First/\" to "Path/\".

Also, could you please make it possible to make "Pieces" longer, as you can see I have some space left on screen, and it would be really cool to see pieces more detailed.


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Found this on the Net... Is it true?

"uTorrent for Mac only shares one thing with uTorrent for windows . . . the name.

It is a completely new client that has been developed from scratch. So do not be fooled into thinking that it is a simple port of the Windows version or that the excellent reputation of the Windows version somehow negates the fact that it is still in Beta.

The main reason that it is still in Beta is because uTorrent lost it's Mac expert almost 6 months ago by now. Now they are still making very minor changes and releasing new alpha versions but it is my understanding that they still have not replaced their Mac expert developer. So do not hold your breath for uTorrent for Mac getting out of Beta anytime soon."

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