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Version beta (build 19773)


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I think latest version (18641) has a very interesting bug.

I have opened torrent which is a movie pack - more than 20 movies. I have selected to download only one movie and utorrent downloaded completely different movie.

Now utorrent shows that it completed the movie I have chosen and all the rest of the movies are marked as "skip". However, in my download folder I see completely different movie downloaded from that torrent.

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"I have opened torrent which is a movie pack - more than 20 movies. I have selected to download only one movie"

I didn't EVEN know you can do this with Utorrent for Mac... When I want to get only a part of a torrent I switch to Transmission... (and I always get more files than I originally wanted btw... TR really sucks).

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Could we please, please get some kind of announcement about when or even if the ability to set the download location per-torrent is coming? It's completely ridiculous that this feature wasn't in from day one, and until it is, uTorrent on a Mac is unusable to me.

Thank you.

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Mods don't get mad at angry comments - you know the saying "the lesser ppl pay for a program the more demanding they are about it".

Since UT is free the level of DEMANDS (not requests) is simply unpleasant... and hardly a Thx for this great tool :-(

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I think the fact that so many people complain about the betas is an indication of just how popular it is. UT for mac is the best torrent client on mac imo.

Despite everyone's demands, I don't think anyone would deny that it is a great app.

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I got an issue with the latest version when there is not enough disk space.

Instead of giving me the error right away and stop downloading the torrent. It continued downloading, but no pieces were shown do be downloading hence no increase on the Done percentage. Then after some MBs are downloaded it gives the "No space..." error for about a second and restarts the torrent! Going on all over again... and if you are like me rarely checking the status of uTorrent, might not see the "No space" error and not download the torrent...

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I would like to report an issue regarding torrents saving to external drives. Applies to at least and on OS X 10.6.3 Intel.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Set default save location to a folder on an external drive (in my case, /Volumes/Binary/µT)

2. Open a torrent file, let it download to at least 0.1%

3. Quit µTorrent and then unplug hard drive, (maybe restart computer and/or plug in a different external drive), then reconnect hard drive, and launch µTorrent

Expected: Torrent continues downloading

Actual: Permissions error

Attempted fix:

4. Set permissions to 777, recursively, in the torrent folder

Expected: Permission error goes away

Actual: µTorrent is still unable to save

Attempted fix number two:

5. Remove torrent from µTorrent (list) and re-open the file.

Expected: µTorrent re-checks download and continues

Actual: This works — sometimes. It seems the default save location must be recently set (e.g. before ejecting and mounting the drive again), or it may not work (same error as before).

Note that I poked around in my settings.dat and it seems the full path "/Volumes/Binary/µT" is not being saved, but rather, just "µT".


Oh, and thanks / well done fixing the file list sorting bug. Cheers.

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