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The problem with opening some torrent files


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In some files apparently created azureus now contains a wrong date(integer) format

Creation Date 1.241597771E+12 integer

Revision Date 1.24162372499E+12 integer

:Creation Datei1.241597771E+12e3:

:Revision Datei1.24162372499E+12e12:

If manually edited (BEncode Editor ) to correct an integer then the file opens normally.

Can you do so uTorrent opening such files?

example: http://isohunt.com/download/87880033/encore+une+fois+1997.torrent

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Report the bug with Vuze devs, as this one seems to be a violation of BEncoding specs. Integers are supposed to be integers base-10, not some number in scientific notation (which can contain non-integer characters/values). If they really want to store their numbers in that way, they'll need to store it as a binary key instead of an integer. I suspect it may simply be a mistake in the encoder, though (not converting bigints into the fully expanded string-integer representation, or something).

Weird that BEncode Editor even opens the file correctly (though admittedly, it does have a deliberately loose encoding/decoding implementation).

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I'm a Vuze dev. The standard creation date in that torrent is

13:creation datei1241623674e

The trailing 'e' being part of the next dictionary definition.

Now there *IS* another field in there that happens to have the same name

13:Creation Datei1.241597771E+12e


this is within a separate dictionary within 'azureus_properties' which is outside of the infohash and use to store some of our own details of the content for Azureus use. Addition of such key values to the torrent is entirely within the bencoding spec.

I have no idea why it happens to be in a float format though, not my work!

Hmm, actually I agree that it is screwy as its claiming to be an integer (sorry, I thought it was in as a string).

Checking other torrents we have generated I see they are correct (for example

Creation Datei1232533738000e3

). I can only assume that this torrent has been put some other decoder/encoder which has trashed the value. I'll check some more torrents

(you'll be pleased to know that Azureus can't open this torrent either...)

update: here's is the original source for the torrent:


if you click on the 'torrent' link you will get a torrent that works just fine.

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