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Seeding Priority question


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My uTorrent allows up to 70kB/s upload.

I'm trying to upload to two different trackers.

Tracker #1 - 4 torrents seeding which are not active all the time with low speed

Tracker #2 - 1 torrent seeding which is very active, using entire bandwidth to upload

Right now Tracker #2 hogs my entire bandwidth and never allows much bandwidth to go to Tracker #1 torrents when peers actually connect.

I'd like Tracker #1 torrents to take full bandwidth priority when it needs it as new peers connect.

Then when Tracker #1 torrents have no peers anymore then Tracker #2 kicks in to take priority.

Is something like this possible?

I looked at Queuing and don't understand if it can help me in this situation. Also I set bandwidth allocation to low on Tracker #2 and High on tracker #1, but it did not make much of a difference. Total upload cap set at 75 kB/s.

Any help?

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