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People from Germany with T-home ?


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I am in Germany and have T-home / T-online / T-com ( I think they're the same XD ) vdsl 16Mbit Down 1 Mbit Up.

I got a Speedport W 920V which I see its not too good for many connections, I was wondering if any of you had it and how many connections and what settings you had :/

I limited it to 100 connections but it seems to still disconnect from time to time so I had to lower it to 60 but I think that's too little :/ Altho it doesn't affect the speed THAT much but it does some...


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UPnP/NAT-PMP you can get around by portforwarding manually if necessary. Resolve IP's is unnecessary, DHT is only useful on torrents with dead trackers or for magnet links and can contribute to crappy router fails. LPD is only useful if you have another computer with uTorrent on the network running and downloading the same thing (but running two uT's on the same Internet connection is unwise).

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Yes even in another moderator's link from Fedora :/

It didnt go above 350kb/s :/

Im running with the following modified:

- DHT is totally OFF.

- Enable Peer Exchange -> OFF

- Local Peer Discovery -> OFF

- Limit local per bandwidth -> OFF

- UPnP Portmapping OFF

- NAT-PMP off.

- Global maximum connections 150

- Maximum number of connected peers per torrent -> 17

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