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Download does not start as it should...


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It seems that the latest two versions might have an issue (at least as far as i see). The problem is that when adding a torrent it simply won't start the download. After i give it a stop-start it might go and if not, i have to restart utorrent, and after that it starts immediately.

Sience i haven't messed with the settings in tha last few month, and the update was automatic, and everything went perfect before...i suspect there might be a problem regarding this little-outstanding program.

I must tell you that this happens on all 3 of the machines, in 3 different enviornments, the only constant being utorrent (i have vista and 7, on 3 different lacations each of them with proper settings, using utorrent exclusively for private trakers so the problem that there are no seeders or there is something wrong about the announcement is eliminated, on some machines i have Av, on the 3-rd one i don't...etc)

Pls...i don't expect for an answer that will tell me to see the speed guide and etc...that won't do any good (already did that) , but instead it would be very much appreciated if you would consider this post at least as a signal that something might have gone wrong in the last 2 versions...and see what is different..and maybe correct it.

Thank you for your patience,


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you are wright about that, sorry.

I will stick to the laptop for the moment:

- Dell Studio 1535, proc: c2d 8100, video ati3450, 3gb ram, dell wireless 1397 Wlan mini-card or broadcom netlink gigabit ethernet (as connections, mainly using wireless).

- Windows Vista SP2

- Internet connection: 100Mbit connection

- connected throughout a server running slakware - i have port forwarding for the port i use with utorrent (and the server did't suffer any changes in the last 3-4 month so it's out of the question)

as far as utorrent settings go:

- upnp enabled

- nat-pmp port mapping enabled

- add windows firewall exception enabled

bandwidth - maximum upload speed 11200, global macimum nr. of connections 1000, maximum number of peers per torrent 125, number of upload slots per torrent 50

Bittorrent - disabled DHT network, dht for new torrents, limit local peer bandwidth

enabled: local peer discovery, ask traker for scrape information, enable peer exchange

encription forced, allow incoming legacy connections


- max nr. active - 25, max number dl - 25

in rest nothing changed.

- net.max.halfopen 8

-don't remember patching tpcip.sys

- no security software

that's about what info i can provide. If anything is really useful, i will try to provide.

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it is 1.8.4.build 16688

(i can provide a screenshot if absolutely necessary.

As far as wireless being too slow, you are wright, but as i said...i mainly use wireless, that doesn't exclude using wired connection ( the problem apears no matter what connection i use). I am connectable no matter the way i connect (wireless or not)

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unfortunately this problem appeard even if all the other torrents were stopped.

In the end..problem solved..full reinstall of the sistem (the one on the laptop) and now works perfect. i don't know what else to say. If u have any suggestions i can try them on the other computers. (not reinstalling them :) ), or if i can povide extra infos also i am available.

weird stuff...what can i say.

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this is just for the sake of the conversation, after that from my point of view you can close/delete the thread...

it might be the system...but i don't have an explanation for the PC for example. Or maybe the problem is between the keyboard and the chair...:))

uTorrent can't look bad ;). Let's say and suppose there was a program related problem... it will be fixed and that's it.. no harm done. If it's a computer-software-hardware-settings poblem .. it's corrected and that's it. Simple as that. Ok ..if there was a problem that could not be solved..in that moment it would be bad :)).

So..cheers and good luck.

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