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uTorrent not working using Novell Border Manager and Proxy


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I am a student at a university. Our network uses Novell Border Manager and proxy.

We are given a static IP adress (mine is, and we have to access the net through proxy server port 8080, and provide a username and password.

The raw speed of my connection is good (1200kbps+), however when I try to use uTorrrent, the icon is yellow, and the speed is <20kbps.

How can i get a green icon, and how can i setup port forwarding when i cannot access any router?

Help much appreciated.

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Since you can't access the router that's not yours, you can't do port forwarding and you won't get a green icon.

The download/upload speeds you're getting will quite likely be be poor, but not AS poor as you're getting...so quite likely they are throttling/disrupting BitTorrent traffic further.

There is not much you can do, besides seeking other access methods. (other ISPs, something other than BitTorrent)

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