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Inconceivable Port Issues.


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OK, here goes nothing:

I am having issues opening up my port to seed. I use a private site that requires a certain ratio, and it's killin me. Here is the info on my port forwarding but I am getting nothing.

I have checked the port number in utorrent:


I have set up the port forwarding correctly:


And When I go to http://www.utorrent.com/testport?port=50005, it says that the port is not open:


I am guessing that you can see my frustration. Windows firewall is turned off. I am using 1.8.4 build 16688 on windows XP Pro. I'm using a zyxel cable modem/router(no model number on it)

I decided to run NMAP from another machine on the network. It says that the port is open. the exact entry from NMAP says: 50005/top open http uTorrent WebUI

Any idea people?

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No access to a machine outside of the network.

However when I run NMAP on my external IP internally, it does not show up as open. I would prefer to test this from outside the network, but this would tell me that there is an issue with the router. Maybe it is not forwarding the port correctly. Maybe the firewall in the router is blocking it.

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