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Very Little Downloading Or Uploading


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I'm using uTorrent 1.8.4 on Windows XP Pro. For the last three weeks or so very few of my torrents have been downloading or uploading. At the moment I'm downloading 32 torrents and seeding 37, but only one is downloading and five are uploading even though a lot of my downloads seem to have plenty of seeds and for several of my seeds I am the only seed with a number of leechers. Four of the five torrents that are uploading were found through the same tracker (out of a total of five files that I'm seeding through that tracker).

30 of the torrents I'm downloading have a blue down arrow next to them and two have a red down arrow. All of my seeds have a green up arrow.

Please could someone suggest what I can do to get more torrents downloading and uploading?



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