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Priorities torrents to separate NIC


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Okay what I'd like to do is prioritize uTorrent to run off of a separate wall outlet in my dorm room while the rest of my network (Xbox 360, surfing the 'net, ect) runs off of my router and has me connected to many of my friends. Basically

NIC 1 = Everything BUT torrents

NIC 2 = ONLY torrents

One NIC is built into my motherboard, the other is an old PCI thing. Very different.

First I prioritized my first network to be used before the second network connection. They have completely different IP addresses.


Then I followed what was in the FAQ's section about making uTorrent run off of a specific network adapter. Everything seemed to be working just like it was supposed to!

But I'm still having problems where my internet tries to run off of the torrenting NIC that I defined. So I thought that I'd make rules in my Firewall about the ports.


Above, 192.168.xxx.xxx is my router's network, which is what I want everything to run on except my torrents. 172.80.xxx.xxx is the network in which I want my torrents to run on, and 27xxx is the port that I want my torrents to run on. I think I made these rules right. My intention was to block the torrenting port on my standard NIC and block everything but torrenting on my torrenting NIC. Does that makes sense?

Now to the real question: Is there something wrong with the setup that I've defined above? There is absolutely no lagg time for my friends that use my wireless network like there was before when I was torrenting, but my computer still completely freezes up when I'm torrenting, so my computer is the only computer with speed issues. I believe that Windows is attempting to use my torrenting NIC for the web protocol and such.

What else can I do to make this better? I really don't want to have a computer just for torrenting, I don't have much space in my dorm room as it is.


Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

µTorrent 1.8.4

I can provide more information if needed.

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