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My torrents in UTorrent dl at about 190kB/s max and they never go higher...


if i slow down the speed to 1kB/s, then speed it up to Unlimited,

the speed keeps rising to 300kB/s, 400kB/s, and 500kB/s, then they slow down and resettle at 190kB/s

Ports are forwarded, and green checkmark is checked... everything dls at or below 190kB/s normally... except for this one scenerio when i slow down then speed up... It happens on just about any torrent with alot of peers. It doesnt happen with slow torrents with a low amount of peers obviously...

Why is this? does this mean my isp is throttling our speeds? or whats goin on? I love it!!!!, when i get 300-500 speeds, lol, but it only lasts a few seconds then slowly drops to 190 again...

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