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uTorrent downloading, nothing else (internet) works


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I'm downloading a file with uTorrent, average speed(60 kb/s), no problems, one upload going (80 kb/s), but none of my other internet functions are working.. I can't receive email, I can't connect to web sites, I can't ping web sites (either using ping www.xxxxxx.com from command prompt, or using NeotracePro). But uTorrents keeps on downloading. This is a regular problem but doesn't happen everytime.

PG2 is not blocking HTTP, and my Outlook Express email is on the allow list.

I check for virus/malware regularly, and watch the Task Manager (Win2000) all the time for extraneous programs running. I'm trying to figure out if there is something about uTorrent downloading that could be causing this. Or could it be my ISP (Charter) being unfriendly?

Any suggestions for troubleshooting this wold be welcome.


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