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DLink DSL 504 (first time round)


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Hi there... done a search, can't really find anything to do with this particular model (although I do get the impression I've got a lame duck...) Aaaaanyhoo.. I've gone through all the guff about prot forwarding (using port 55051), making sure windows firewall is off, checked me ISP to make sure they don't do anything (which they allegedly don't) etc etc.. and fiddled with settings until my eyes bleed.. and managed to get my download speed from just under 1kb/s to (sometimes) a shade under 4. Now then. I have a 2mbit connection, which the router tells me is steaming along at 2272kb/s down and 288kb/s up ( I live almost next door to the exchange) uTorrent is telling me everything is just peachy, got a load of connections to peers on this torrent I'm running, but they all have little d's on them and the ones that have big D's aren't doing anything... I have had a lot of trouble with this router when i first got it, but (touch wood) it's been ok for a good while now. I upgraded the firmware last night as well - I now have the R2.21.002.06.b17uk firmware loaded - made a wee bit of a difference but not anything you'd notice.. it'd probably help at this point to mention that I really like this client - much neater than Az ;)

the biggie is... is it time for me to get a better router? Or is there something that can be done in the meantime?

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