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Reloading a torrent without having to download the PartFile data again


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I thought that I had found a way to reload a torrent without having to download the PartFile data again (edge peaces shared with skipped files) but I had to come to the evidence that I did not...

So my question is plain and simple: Is there a way to force uT to use again the data in the PartFile?

In times where many trackers are vanishing it becomes very important for the community to seed again some stuff with new trackers. Now my problem is that even though I kept the full data e.g. the data files as well as the PartFile (and the accurate information about what files where skipped) I did not succeed in having uT seed back 100% . Whatever I tried... uT simply ingnores the data stored in the PartFile and wants to download it again.. And if nowbody except me is proposing it again then a great torrent more dies... :( (Ok, I could make a new one out of it since I have the full partial download data but this is not at all the same thing.)

Is there a workaround and if not is this something of interest for the devs? Should I make a new feature request for this or is it a waste of time because one should not selectively download... :/

NB: I just changed the diskio.use_partfile option to false in the hope this will avoid me this problem in the future but anyway it's not solving my problem for now at all.


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Thanks Firon for at least giving me an answer... It seems that I'm the only one having this problem (maybe because too many do not understand the root of this "problem")...

So I guess that your 'nope' refers to all of my questions above...

Could a developper at least tell me if the PartFile file name has a random # assigned and in what key (of the resume.dat I guess) is this information stored (in binary I guess)?

Thus at least it would put some light on the fact/assumption that a PartFile can never be used by another uT installation or even be used again upon simple deletion and reload of a torrent (from the job list)...

In other words I wonder if upon forced recheck uT simply tries to find the PartFile according to a key information based in resume.dat (or maybe settings.dat) or if it sequentially goes through a check of the binary content on any file present in the download folder?

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Oh... I have tried everything you can imagine... :D

But anyway according to my many tests I think that for the forced re-check it does not matter if you select to skip all or just a part. After all uT should check if the needed files are there with the expected checksum and accordingly turn the bars in blue... To skip or not will influence the next step if you start the (checked) torrent again but IMO not the checking step.

I do not exclude that the skip / download state may influence uT to throw the partfile away under some circumstances though.

Another thing I can say is that I finally succeded to have the forced re-check done with a partfile after having been fiddling around for ages... but I could not succeed to have it work on another computer (with exactly the same data files)! That's the reason why I suppose that the partfile can be used again only on the same pc (uT installation) where it has been created...

I would be happy to have someone answering my questions above so I would guess / test less and know more... ;)


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