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Torrents Do Not Start


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I have 3 main sites that I trade concerts on. All are private trackers and all have the same issues.

I download the torrent file, it autoloads into uTorrent, I right click and choose force download (to get things started and update the seeds/peers), then uTorrent doesn't do anything after it obtains the peers/seeds. Every time this happens I have to close uTorrent and most of the time the torrents then run fine. If this was one tracker and I was getting a message that said I had to wait, I could understand, but the trackers update all the peers and the numbers of seeders and peers is very reliable and accurate.

I have seen anywhere from 10-250 seeds and nearly 3x as many peers, at times. Sometimes I have to restart uTorrent 3-5 times before it will actually connect to peers. This only seems to be prevalent on the last few updates as I don't recall ever having this problem before.

I am not sure if I can put the private tracker sites here, or not, so I have not listed them. But, anyone that knows me, from the past should know which trackers are popular for all kinds of shows. I will be glad to update this post to include the trackers or give other information.

It is not my firewall as other trackers work fine and sometimes even the 3 trackers that are having issues (these 3 trackers are used by me about 95% of the time) work fine.

I have seen other people having this issue and 1 of the trackers has, on their main page, to uninstall utorrent, clean the registry and such, then reinstall.

Any ideas anyone?

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What I don't understand is why this has just recently started in maybe the last 4-5 updates. If I restart uTorrent 2 out of 3 times the seeds/peers update.

The issue with peers/seeds not becoming active is recent and whether they are just started or forced start they still have the same issue.

Most of the time, I have 5-10 active torrents just started, not forced. If you got to tvtorrents.com you can see that they have a message, on the main page, where it is a known issues. They originally suggest uninstall/reinstall, but ultimately, they figured out if you close/restart uTorrent, that it seems okay, most of the time after that. (I only give the site as you can see the information on the main page of this private tracker.

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There are 439 total torrents in uTorrent, of which all but 30 are completely stopped. Of the remaining 30, I have them set in queue with max of 10 downloading at once.

Can you tell me why this same way of doing things for maybe 18-24 months (or longer, but I don't know how long) has changed in the last maybe 4-5 builds?

I am not expecting someone to, all of a sudden have a snappy solution, but it appears, by it coming up on the private trackers that it is happening with more and more people, in recent builds.

Edit: I thought about how I might have worded the last sentence and I hope it was not misinterpreted. I just meant that I don't expect a quick/speedy solution, just a well thought out one due to the fact that I have less torrents, in uTorrent than I have had in the past. (Used to have a total of 700-1000, in uTorrent, though again, not active and never had this problem, like myself and others are seeing in the last 3-5 builds.).

Thanks again :)

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