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Installing utorrent on another PC,Windows 7 and keeping ratio


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Hi everybody.

I have installed utorrent on windows7, from windows xp.

When I formatted my XP I used to copy my utorrent folder from my "application data" folder and after the format I just copied it back and my ratio was the same.

In windows 7 there is no application data folder,in which I could copy my "utorrent" folder.There's a appdata folder (which is the same as the application data folder in XP) so I copied it in there.

The thing is that I'm starting from scratch.I have a 32 ratio and I want to keep it.Can anyone help me on this issue?

Thank you

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No I'm not talking about that.

I'll try to explain further.Upon installing uTorrent for the first time,it creates it's default folder in appdata>roaming>utorrent.Not in appdata > utorrent.In xp it installs directly in the applications data folder and not in any subfolder,in this case the "roaming" folder )I really don't know why it does that)

When I type: %appdata%\utorrent it takes me directly to the default folder,in which I find:

dht - 1kb

resume - 1kb

rss - 1kb

settings - 2kb

settings.dat - 2kb

I do 2 things:

1)I copy my old utorrent folder (from my XP) and I overwrite the new folder in windows 7.The result is that when I click the utorrent shortcut,utorrent installs from the beginning (like I never installed it before)

I think I must have erased (by overwriting the folder) some specific file.I uninstall utorrent and then I start overwriting each of the above files,one by one.

When I overwite the "settings" file and clicking on the shortcut,then utorrent tries to install from the beginning again.When I put back the default "settings" file and overwrite the other 4 files:





utorrent starts ok.So I transfer all of the other files that where in the old utorrent folder (except the "settings file" ) and utorrent starts ok but it wont see my old ratio.

I hope the above description helped in resolving this problem.I don't know if anyone is encountering this problem or if it's a windows 7 bug but as I mentioned,when I formatted my XP all I did was copy the utorrent folder over the new installed folder (overwriting everything even the "settings.dat" file) and utorrent read my ratio and never tried to install again.


I just noticed that, before I put my settings.dat in the utorrent folder,opening it up with notepad,it shows me some information in English.When I put it in the utorrent folder and starting utorrent,it shows me a ratio of 287,890 and no upload information!

When I close utorrent and I open it up with notepad again...it shows me CHINESE caracters!


It totally destroys my settings.dat file!

Thanks for any help

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You have to use the system variable %appdata%\utorrent and not the absolute path than can change between 2 different OS like XP and Vista/Seven.

So enter %appdata%\utorrent into the address bar of Windows Explorer and copy/paste the old contents of the folder %appdata%\utorrent from XP.

Then start uT, it will resume all your torrents jobs (if the paths haven't changed) and your settings.

If that's not the case, settings.dat is likely corrupt. Try to open it with freeware BEncode Editor (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31306).

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Thank you for your reply but I don't have 2 OS on my machine.I just have the utorrent folder (copied from my XP system) and transferred it with a USB stick and copied it in the windows 7 on my laptop.

I did what you said but I have the same problem.

I think nothing can be done.

Thank you for your help

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I think we still aren't communicating right.

First: What ratio are you talking about? Ratio's are show in many different places. If you for example are talking about your ratio on the website of a tracker then µtorrent has NOTHING to do with that. If you talk about the ratio for a torrent in µTorrent, these can sometimes get reset for example when you reload the torrent or when resume.dht is damaged. If you mean the ratio in Help -> Show Statistics then this is stored in settings.dat and if that file is broken/corrupt then the information is lost.


µTorrent by default uses two locations:

%programfiles%\utorrent to for the application itself

%appdata%\utorrent to store the settings

Those % symbols mean it's a system variable. It does not matter if it points to a folder somewhere under c:\users or c:\documents and settings or z:\windows\profiles or whatever. µTorrent just uses the system variable and windows will make it point to the right folder.

What you need to do to restore all your settings and statistics is to move all the files from the %appdata%\utorrent on the old machine to %appdata%\utorrent on the new machine and move all the files from %programfiles%\utorrent on the old machine to %programfiles%\utorrent on the new machine.

If %appdata%\utorrent or %programfiles%\utorrent already exist on the new machine then delete them to prevent conflict issues.

Then start %programfiles%\utorrent\utorrent.exe if it asks to install press cancel.

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