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Utorrent acting strangly going blank not responding


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Recently utorrent has been acting very odd. It blanks out and stops responding when you try to interface with it, and doesnt respond to comands for minutes at a time.

I did recently change my antivirus and firewall to bitdefender but I believe it was doing this before that.

Also unlike any time in the past my internet connection seems to be very very slow when utorrent is running, firefox often times out when opening new tabs ect. It doesnt seem to matter if utorrents downloading a lot or has high upload -- it just has to be running.

Also it has been reporting back the wrong peer leach data, most of the time it will show that there are no seeds and leachers for non running torrents.

I also did recently try downgrading my client and also upgrading to the beta but with no luck on either account.

I could take everything out and even throw away the settings in aplication data folder but i would also not want to lose all the half downloads and all my uploads as well

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