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uTorrent main window on startup


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When starting up, usually uTorrent just runs in the background.

With the latest beta, 1.8.5, build 17056, uTorrent starts up with Windows 7 as usual, but the main window also pops up. Is there a way to disable this 'option', or is it a bug?

I know I can use msconfig to disable services from starting with Windows 7, but I do want uTorrent to startup with it.

The window is just a bit annoying.

Hopefully I'm not the only one, and hopefully this IS a bug, since then it can be fixed by the Developers.

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The only way to guarantee it will start minimized always is to edit the startup entry in the registry to have /MINIMIZED as a parameter.

It's supposed to remember the previous open state since it was restarted, but perhaps that doesn't apply on Windows startup.

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