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Local Peer Discovery Documentation


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http://download.utorrent.com/utorrent-help.zip and search for LPD:

LPD (Local Peer Discovery)

A method by which µTorrent attempts to discover new peers local relative to your computer's network. Local Peer Discovery makes use of IP multicast.

And some googling:



And why should that feature be interchangeable?

It just indicates peers within you network by IP or ISP.

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in short: join the multicast group and listen for SSDP messages. Every 5 minutes, announce yourself to the multicast group by sending this message:

snprintf(msg, 200,

"BT-SEARCH * HTTP/1.1\r\n"


"Port: %d\r\n"

"Infohash: %s\r\n"

"\r\n\r\n", listen_port, ih_hex);

listen port is the port you accept incoming bittorrent connections on, ih_hex is the info hash of the torrent hex encoded.

more details:


If you'd like to write a BEP for this (to be published on bittorrent.org), please send it to editor@bittorrent.org and I can put it up.

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