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Unstable downloads & drop in speed when idle


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Had a few issues lately regarding the port forward but managed with ease coz of the helpful mods and other threads by users...now i have the "green tick" always and yes the port does forward...But, now I face issues with regards to very unstable downloads as well as uploads...and something very peculiar is that the torrent speed (both upload and download) drops heavily when the system is idle but fine when the system is actively used by me...and so I referred the famous Ultima guides and Switech's recommended settings so here is what i did:

1. Disabled DHT

2. Disabled UPnP

3. Lowered Global connections to 150

Lowered Connected peers per torrent to 40 and upload slots to 3

4. Unchecked resolve IPs

5. Lowered bt connect speed to 10

6. Lowered netmax half open to 4

With all these changes and restarts things havent improved...and yes, tested all these changes with the slackware and open office torrents

Thanks in advance


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stays at 30-40 most of the time (limited to 40)...peaks rarely and then the speed drops like crazy...

must have been the ISP playing some mischief...whats the best way to stay clear of those ISP' games? read in one of the posts to use the scheduler to turn off and keep a low profile on and off...trying it tonight...hope it helps...

Update: the scheduler didnt help much...

Any suggestions?

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All set and keeping fingers crossed...

The Logger reads: Got Teredo Address

IPv6 installed

errrr...So I suppose they are installed and enabled

not sure about uTP...where do i find it?

UPDATE: able to peak now consistently..both downloads as well as the uploads...but as soon as the system is left unused the speed drops to 1 - 3 Kbps

Have tested with Prevent standby if there are active torrents checked on and off...no use

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bt.connect_speed only controls how fast uTorrent attempts new peer/seed ips outgoing.

You can still have peers/seeds trying to connect to you even if bt.connect_speed = 0.

bt.connect_speed is also in connection attempts per second, so setting it to 6 means it attempts up to 6 connections per second on TOP of however many incoming connections it may already be getting. Needless to say, there's no need to set it very high...

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Thanks a lot for the quick replies Switech and i'm pretty happy with the way utorrent is working now...

I just noticed a strange thing happening btw...i know im posting it in the wrong forum (neways not a major issue)...not sure if its a bug though...


Please note that utorrent is stopped by scheduler...but still manages to upload...

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