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Hello all, big fan of UTorrent since its first release and I have been doing some searching on the forum and realize that banning/blocking of peers will never be implemented which is fine and dandy.

I also understand that even though it will not be implemented into the client, that the developers also understand the reasoning as to why the feature can be necessary at times. I know myself that it is unsatisfying to see a peer using a false ratio or any other exploit to allow himself to download more than someone who is legitmately keeping their ratio high and getting kicked behind in favor of the peer using exploits or misbehaving clients (bit comet comes to mind.

So I am not asking that the banning feature be implemented into UTorrent, however I am humbly requesting that an export of the peer lists in a PG file format which would be:


Currently I use the copy peer list and paste it into notepad and double the ip and add the ':' and '-' and save it and load it into peer guardian. Now this isn't such a hassle and is even unneccesary on private trackers where peers are harmonious to each other.

However, on public trackers where leechers are trying to bypass all the good bittorrent peers, I feel its necessary to block these as these are the people ruining the bittorrent community.

Would this be too much to ask?

Thank you.

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Awesome, was unaware of this feature, thanks.


It doesn't seem to work when re-enabling it through advanced options after turning it off then on. Even by choosing false, pressing okay, closing the preferences menu, opening them back up, and enabling true. I have to restart UTorrent....Also requires editing of removing the port after the ip from the clipboard(ed) ip address.

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