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Redirecting existing torrent files to new location of data to seed?


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I've spent 2+ hours searching and trying this to no avail. I realized my iTunes was moving files to the iTunes folder to organize and therefore I had double copies. I deleted the files that uTorrent originally DLed to free up HD space, but they lost the ability to seed because the app couldn't find the data, obviously.

I tried to edit the .dat file, but that didn't work. The weird part is, when I open the resume.dat file in TextEdit the files have the correct path. However, when I open them in uTorrent and press start, they re-download, which is not what I want to do. I just want the app or the torrent file to know where the data is.

I realize in the Windows version there's a way to do this, but please help me do this in OSX. I'm going nuts trying to figure this out and I can't find anything.

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