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Preview of µTorrent's web-based interface (with screens)


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I've just written this up and submitted it to digg.


You can just go directly to the preview if you'd prefer:


This is one of the features that we've been working on lately - by we, I mean ludde (writing the supporting code for µT), Directrix (writing the actual UI that I've written about) and me (making a pathetic attempt at the 'lite' version). :P

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Nah, it's still there, copy and paste the URL:


The problem is (and digg really should fix this) the µ and the ()s tend to fuck up a lot of autolinks. won't work on all forums, and it doesn't work when pasting links into MSN Messenger or IRC either (for most clients)... :(

I'll keep that in mind for the future..

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0_o kewl...

I've set aside the webui for a few days now, but I'll start up in a day or two again.

@Splintax: why didn't you remove the red border? cry.gif

@osmosis: it will most likely be using the theme you use in ut, but since bmp pics don't support transparency they will have to be converted to png (not gif imo) format first (i don't care that ie doesn't display pngs correctly). i'll have to talk with ludde about this.

@chaosblade: Thnx.

@linx05: although ie really gets on my nerves; it will work in ie.

@rafi: good for you...

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