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Speed varies a lot when downloading


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Hi 1st post here. Hope i make myself clear enough.

I've been using utorrent for a while and never really had any problems until I switched ISP. I'm now with ACN. I have dsl hi speed 2.5 mb/s.

Here's my problem. When I'm downloading torrents i can get speed of up to 300 kbps and then all of a sudden it drops down to 25 kbps, without touching anything or changing my settings. Let's say I'm dowmloading 2 torrent and getting a combined speed of 25 kbps (1 at 10 and the second at 15 kbps). If I stop 1 of the 2 torrent the torrent remaining will go up to 25 kbps download speed. So it seems that no matter how many torrents are downloading simultaniously I can't get a higher speed of 25 kbps total.

But if I direct dowload (let's say I'm downloading an application or pictures) I still can get hi speeds of 250 kbps while my utorrent is stuck at around 25 kbps. So I beleive that the problem must be with my utorrent. And I ran the Glasnost test to see if my ISP was limiting my torrent downloads and it seems it doesn't. I also tried changing port and nothing changed. My port is correctly forwarded I checked that also. I have the green checkmark on my utorrent.

Please any help would much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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