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Can't seem to get decent speeds


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Okay, I run windows vista. I am also NOT at all extreamly computer litterate so if anyone offers help, please be as clear as possable. My connection speed says 54.Mbps and my speed test upload speeds have been anywhere from 300-1000upload speed.

I am running a laptop off of a router and, from this same connection, I used to get speeds anwhere from 250-300kb/s... now I am at around 50 or 100 if it is really blazing. So I went on the net to all those guides that are supposed to improve speeds and nothing has worked. Here is what I did:

1. did the speed test and set the upload speed properly... no increase in speed

2. learned about port forwarding and spent all weekend figuring it out... no increase in speed

3. adjusted everything in the preferences menu, global seeds, max.open, so on and so on... and still no increase in speeds at all.

So I sort of decided to just say screw it today but I was hoping if someone here might offer me some advice. I heard that some people are able to get 800 or even 1mb/s which sounds amazing but none of those tweaks have worked for me. Any suggestions?

Right now I am at 16seed/27peer and only at 20kb/s.

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