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Can I save list of torrents I want to download?


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Guys, I have close to 1000 torrents in my uTorrent that I've just stuck in there for future downloading but I am always trying to download a whole bunch.

Well, I frequently stop and start them because I want to do something else and as you know, the torrents sometimes slow your throughput down to a crawl.

Well, sometimes I happen to go in there and instead of right clicking, just clicking on something and all those that WERE stopped will not be selected any longer and I have to go back in and look for them again.

Is there anyway I can make some kind of folder for those that I currently want to download so in case I screw up, I can just go in and download the whole folder?

I guess I could right click the whole bunch and put them in a new folder/label but I really don't want to do that as it would defeat the purpose of labeling them in the first place.



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