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Speed from 600 to 100 or lower :(


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Hello I am having some speed issues with Utorrent lately and am hoping someone can help me here. First let me say that I did search for similar problem's but wasnt lucky enough to find a solution to the problem. I tried the step's in the following thread:


None seemed to work. With that said let me explain my situation. I was a former Comcast Highspeed Cable Internet user and my speed reached over 1mb while downloading. The lowest speeds I ever saw on Comcast was around 700 which is still WAY faster then my DSL. Because of price issue's with Comcast we decided to switch service to AT&T who claimed there internet is just as fast. My speed's with AT&T while downloading something with 20 seeders is going from 100 to 600 and it never seem's to stay at a certain speed which is DRIVING ME INSANE!! lol.


Comcast with 20 seeders is over 1mb guarnteed. So my questioin is why is my speed always changing? and how can I fix it?

My connection goes from the modem to a wireless router and then to my Windows 7 PC. I have opened the Utorrent port for my WRT54G Wireless Router, and made sure it was allowed through Windows Firewall. I have even created a static IP address for myself but am unsure if it worked because I havent seen any changes and when I try that port test from the Utorrent website it says there was an error.

I dont see why it would be a problem with the router or any other settings on my end.... Comcast worked flawless so I dont get it :P

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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