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Moving Download Folder, Redirecting 100s of torrents in one step?


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I have read about two dozen posts and am not seeing the answer I am looking for. Many posts seemed to suggest it had been suggested as a feature request. Others suggeested BE-encoder but I counld find the walk through on how to accomplish this... Could it be added the FAQs... not the one by one solution, but the batch relocation solution.

I have always used uTorrent. I have filled up the OS drive to near capacity and need to move the 100s of torrents that I have. I have the new drive installed and have copied the Download folder.

In one step vice each one individually I would like to tell the uTorrent where the source files are located. Clicking on each one and telling each one where the new folder is located seems to be so counterintuitive.

Is there a step by step using be-encoder or some other second party app?

Other search terms to help others since these terms did not give me the answer I sought:

relocating download files

moving download files

relocate download folder

changing download destination.

moving torrent source files

moving source folder

redirecting download files

If you found this post but not with your search term, add your own below.

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Use freeware BEncode Editor (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31306), it's not so hard to edit resume.dat from the folder %appdata%\utorrent.

Use the ability "find/replace" like any text editor and change the path of your torrents. Then when you will start uT, it will resume your torrent jobs.

NB/ close uT and make a backup copy before editing resume.dat.

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OK, in my computer, the path for the app data is:

C:\Documents and Settings\OWNER\Application Data\utorrent

1. I shut down Utorrent

2. I create a copy of the file resume.dat to use as a potential backup.

3. Using BEncode Editor I open the resume.dat in the above folder

4. Is removing the fileguard key as simple as highlighting the line fileguard (B)[40]=..... and pressing the minus key and then saving all i need to do to avoid a bad hash check?

5. the line "path(B)[98]=C:\Downloads\1 Utorrent Complete\...." there I simply do find replace with the new path

6. Does the line run_program (B)[35]=%D C:\Downloads\1 Utorrent Complete\ also need to be changed?

Thank you for your help thus far.

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I just made the cross over, The process went through without a hitch.

#6 above was only on one torrent.

Remember to update your preferences : Options, Preferences, Directories

Other Key words for the search:

Change Downloaded preferences

Keep old torrents

move torrent downloaded location

relocate torrents

change torrent save path

change download path

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I am going to be doing a fresh install of windows within the next few days. I have a bunch of halfway downloaded torrents and I am wanting to back them up and resume where they left off after the re-install.

From the information that I have gathered, all I would need to do is backup resume.dat and the torrents in question, correct? That is assuming that the torrents will be put back into the same directory after the fresh install(which they will be).

Any confirmation or insight would be very helpful, and much appreciated.


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Just looking for clarification and/or confirmation. Since this thread is mainly just about moving them to a new directory, not necessarily resuming torrents on a new install of both windows and utorrent, I felt(feel) the need to make sure I have a proper understanding before I go and do a format.

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