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How to get consistent RSS results?


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I have RSS downloads working but the feed sources I'm using are inconsistent. I have had decent results just using the EZTV RSS Feeds from ezRSS.where I type in my search and quality and uTorrent downloads the most recent episode flawlessly .

However EZTV doesn't always list shows in their feeds - sometimes they'll miss several shows in a row - I don't completely understand why. Is there an RSS feed that I can use that is as simple as ezRSS that is consistent?

I suspect that the answer is going to be to set up a filter on a broader RSS feed like BT-chat or Mininova. I have tried this but I get the opposite problem - it sometimes downloads crap that has the name of my search but is some tiny file - or it downloads a file that has very few seeds or peers.

What is the recommended solution to get a completely automated weekly download?

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