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Internet freezes completely


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So, here's my problem: I am using Bittorrent and l never had any problems with it since day 1...until now.

Whenever I use BT, the program works fine BUT any internet-related stuff is completely frozen and won't work.

To make myself more clear, IE doesn't work (says connecting when l try to acess a site, but won't connect even if l wait for an hour), Steam doesn't work and so on.

The strangest thing of all is that the problem persists even after l close BT, and even logging off doesn't work, l have to restart my PC!

So even if l open BT, then immediately close it I won't be able to use any internet-related programs unless I restart.

Now, here is what I tried to do to fix the problem:

Check NOD32 settings to see if there's anything wrong with them and BT.Nothing.

Reinstall BT.Nothing.

Check the firewall settings.BT was allowed.

Remove all the torrents I was downloading.Nothing.

Check my internet speed when BT is active...it said that my internet speed was fine.

I opened Task Manager to see if there were any wierd processes or there was something wrong with the connection.Still nothing.

Perform an Antivirus scan.Nothing.

Also, I can't recall anything specific I did that could've caused this problem..from one day to another, it just happened..also, as I said, I deleted any torrents that might cause any trouble.

Oh, and one last thing: I am pretty sure that the solution is simple, so please don't post any long and complicated answers...

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I have had a similar problem which caused me - for the time being - to give up on µTorrent because I did neither find nor get any help here on this issue.

- µTorrent starts up and works fine for a while.

- Suddenly (sometimes after several hours, usually during the night, but sometimes right in the middle of work) it "crashes", which means it does not react at all and cannot even be restored from its system try icon.

- At the same time, suddenly ALL internet activity is completely halted. (I usually run MailWasher and FreeRapid continuously and in the background, and they are also blocked. Firewall shows that no internet activity takes place.)

- Internet Explorer or Opera cannot connect, etc.

- In task manager, NONE of the processes I mentioned (neither µTorrent nor MailWasher, FreeRapid, Opera, or Internet Explorer) can be killed!!! The only way to restore functionality is to restart the computer, whereby shutdown takes extremely long!)

All these problems ONLY occur when µTorrent (last version I tried was v1.8.5.17091) is running (or BitTorrent v6.3 which seems to use the same code base - but for some odd reason seems to be marginally more stable, at least in my tests it sometimes ran for one or even two days before "crashing"), and never ever happened without it. That is the reason I feel pretty certain that µTorrent is the culprit (possibly in combination, but nevertheless it seems to be µTorrent's fault).

No other BitTorrent client has ever produced similar issues.

I would be grateful for any help.

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