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Question about torrent multi-file management


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Little question (3 days that I search for answer :P):

I have a torrent with 3 file A, B, C (the files are more and more in the real case, this is an example).

I download the 3 files.

Now, I have an upgrade of the precedent torrent, with 4 files A, B, C revision 1 & D.

If I choose the directory with A, B, C, does uTorrent (or Torrent protocol in general) search for pre-existing file? Does uTorrent download only C revision. 1 and D, or It re-downloads all the file?

I hope it downloads only C revision 1 and D, because I have a torrent with 3000 files in it and 107 GB large.

Thank for your answer (excuse for my english)

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