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µTorrent v1.8.5.17091 kills all network-related processes


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I have a severe problem with µTorrent v1.8.5.17091 (and prior versions back to v1.8.4.16688) which cause a complete halt for all network and internet processes:

- µTorrent starts up and works fine for a while, i.e., minutes to several hours.

- Suddenly (sometimes after several hours, often during the night, but sometimes right in the middle of work) it "crashes", which means it does not react at all and/or cannot even be restored from its system tray icon.

- At the same time, suddenly ALL internet and network activity is completely halted. (I usually run MailWasher and FreeRapid continuously and in the background, and they are also blocked, i.e., they do not produce any traffic. Firewall shows that no internet activity takes place.)

- Internet Explorer or Opera etc. cannot connect.

- In Task Manager or Process Explorer, NONE of the processes I mentioned (neither µTorrent nor MailWasher, FreeRapid, Opera, or Internet Explorer) can be killed!!! The only way to restore functionality is to restart the computer, whereby shutdown takes extremely long!)

All these problems ONLY ever occur when µTorrent is running (or BitTorrent v6.3 which I understand to use the same code base - but for some odd reason BitTorrent seems to be marginally more stable, at least in my tests it sometimes ran for one or even two days before "crashing"), and these problems never ever happened without either of these two.

That is the reason I feel pretty certain that µTorrent is the culprit (possibly in combination with other circumstances, but nevertheless it seems to be definitely µTorrent's fault because it never occurs without it).

I have not experienced similar issues with any other BitTorrent client (Halite, Vuze).

I would be grateful for any help.

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Thanks for your reply.

However, that is not the case - there is ample space on the 2 HDs, they are working fine (and get occasionally defragmented).

In these situations, everything else works as usual EXCEPT internet (and everything that tries to go online) and the network (explorer itself simply "hangs" when I try to access another machine on the network and - only in this case - needs to be terminated in Task Manager).

BTW, the router through which several PCs connect to the internet is NOT affected by these problems and still works fine for the other PCs. It's only the PC where µTorrent is running that becomes "autistic".

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