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uTorrent killing my internet connection.


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I have a really weird problem, i have checked every thing in the troubleshooting and everything seems to be fine. My firewall settings are ok, i have a green light on uTorrent, everything seems fine, however, whenever i try to download a torrent i have the same problem. uTorrent starts downloading just fine, for two or three minutes anyway, and then my internet connection just dies. uT stops downloading, i cant surf the web, messenger logs off and it stays like this for a few minutes.. 2 or 3... and then everything goes back to normal, and it takes me just forever to download something. This is a new problem though, it started about a month ago or so, before it used to work just perfect. Any ideas?.. thank you!...

Some additional info... uTorrent Version 16917 MacBook running on SnowLeopard...

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Dear Moskitou,

it seems that your problem is located at your router! Some routers have a limitation of connections to the router (i.e. some AVM-Routers or Netgear products). You should try to set "Global limit" and "per torrent limit" of uTorrent to 50 or 40 connections at the time. You will find the Connection Settings under: uTorrent>Preferences>BitTorrent. Unfortunately, the transfer speed suffers from these settings, but it is still better than getting kicked out by your router all the time.

I hope I could help you.



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